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Holy shit, I did it, I didn't think that I would manage to get there in time. My lungs are burning and I'm just about ready to hurl from the strain.
Holy shit.
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Reading a few short stories (<10k) before bed is all nice and well,
but I really should know better by now, because "a few" put together did end up at 75k

*facepalm xxl*

Relevant news: I am currently working my way through Lomonaaeren's Harry/Lucius fanfics 💜💜💜

(fun fact: it's midnight and I have to be up at 6am. I have half a dozen fics to read until I'm done with her pairing, but I think that I'm going to give in and go to bed after that one.)
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[community profile] questionoftheday asks: Do you sleep in silence, or do you have to have background noise? Is there a reason for this? How about light? Does it have to be pitch black, or do you need at least a sliver of light to sleep?

I used to live next door to a bar, so I got used when I was a teenager to sleep with those plastic ear plug things. It’s been several decades and I still sleep with them. From time to time I’ll lose one during the night and I always wake up. Finding these super small colored soft thing in bed when you’re more than half asleep isn’t super fun though. Good thing it happens so rarely lol I must look so “great”, patting down my bed with my eyes half shut, until I am forced to wake up some more and turn on the lights, when I really can’t find them. Downside of being so small: easy to lose or make fly out of the bed without noticing. At least the bright colors make it easy to find again xD

Light is less of a problem. I always have some light because my flat is just one room, so there’s the computer’s led, even turned off, and the fridge. The blinds don’t close completely so I’m always bound to have some diffuse light in the room in the morning. That said, I still sleep a lot better with the blind closed than open. The little computer light doesn’t bother me much by itself. (Always thought that it was stupid to have a bright blue led turned on all the time inside the computer though, even when the computer itself is turned off).

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I updated my profile today. T'was high time I did it.

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Me today: *meh*

I said I’d catch up with social network stuff. I lied.
I cooked lunch, and then I read. The whole day. I did another load of laundry, and that’s it. I’ve spend the whole day reading Detective Conan fics even though none of them even really made me enthusiastic. I just sat and read all day.

I guess I’ve spent the day relaxing?

At least there are two more days off available. I might even do something of my time off.
And tomorrow I’m really, *really* opening Discord and Dreamwidth.

(also, why the hell did they call it discord? It feels a bit premonitory)
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 Just passing by, in between a cleaning spree and some more binge reading. I'll catch up all social network stuff tomorrow.

That said, I had the sudden urge to see how much I read/re-read last month, since I know that I binge-read so much (and almost failed Nanowrimo because of it. With all the work hours I had last month, I had no energy for anything else but binge reading. And mostly of previously read stuff, even). Calibre's catalog feature is so handy.

Seriously O.O
(click the image for full size)

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• Today’s soundtrack: Tom McRae’s Kings of Cards, All Maps Welcome, and Just Like Blood albums. Because a fic title reminded me of some lyrics from the Walking2Hawaii song and bam, earworm. Let’s do this.

• Randomly, a pretty Zelda fanart rec. I know nothing about Zelda, but this is lovely
Zelda fanart at twitter

• In other news, not much. Today’s be super long and damn, I don’t want to go back to work. I’m doing the accounting because my colleague is on vacations, so I’m supposed to do my job and hers, and meh. I’ve decided that since I’m still not a robot nor can I clone myself, therefore I’m not going to hurry for anything. I’ll do the daily accounting at a normal pace, and if there’s time left for my own job, good, if not, well, *too bad*.
Also, next week I’m going to visit my mom and brother for a week and I don’t want to have to be social. I just want to keep on hermitting at home. Preferably with some fanfics. Which won’t be too much of a problem, since:

[personal profile] batsutousai keeps retweeting pretty fanarts of Detective Conan and she pushed me over the Dark Side *again*. Like, seriously, I mean, the last(first) time I had the urge to watch that anime and read fics was because of her already. And now, years after the fact, bam, let’s do that again.

• A few Detective Conan fanfic rec (caveat: I only started reading them today, so obviously I haven’t gone far yet. Those are recs from rec lists):
Detective Conan fanfic recs under the cut )
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In today’s news:

• I have a tag "writing: is love" in Dreamwidth and I read from the corner of my eye "what is love"
Hashtag #WhatIsLove, hashtag #BabyDontHurtMe
Hashtag #HereHaveSomeMore90s : #NowPlaying
screenshot of the 90s playlist jacket image in spotify

• I logged off Tumblr for the anti “female presenting nipples”-censoring protest and I realize that I’m not missing it at all. I mean, it’s not exactly a surprise, since I haven’t been using it more than 5 min at a time for months now, but still, I expected to feel more like something was missing?
I guess that I’ll see as I go. I’ve deleted the app from my tech devices anyway, so there’s that. I suppose that I’ll log in again whenever someone rec something/linkdrop something from Tumblr. Which will probably happen sooner rather than later, what with my Discord server.

Heal the world
Make it a better place
For you and for me

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I was supposed to be productive and then I went and updated my theme and re-sorted my tags from nonsense-tumblr-style to actual-real-journal-tags :D

Bonus: my "I LOVE ORGANIZATION" side loves going back down to 30+ tags instead of 150+ and the multilevel tags always look so nice.

Previous theme (Milkshakes & Rock 'n' Roll by dancing_serpent for Ciel)

And the new one (Fantastic Cyan by rising for For the Bold)
I love the color and the sharp, clean corners
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I updated my journal with the recent posts that hadn't made it here because I needed up update and kept putting it off which just added more posts to update *facepalm*

Anyway, I HOPE that I haven't flooded your reading pages. Everything should have been post dated correctly/about where said post should be dated, and I'm pretty sure that as long as I post date, if it's something from three months back for ex, it's not going to show up on the R. page. Maybe. I hope. I haven't actually needed to use this before, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed, lol.

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I just decided that I wanted to write, so of course I went and cleared some tabs in my browser, and then changed my desktops wallpapers, because that's super productive, of course.

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I don't even really have a need for a paid @dreamwidth account, but I decided to splurge and get myself a year's worth of paid account just for the "find people with similar interest" option and because it's never been more obvious that we need to support fandom's safe places.

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I figure a lot of stories are centered around romance because it's easier to handle building up a story when there are multiple/at least two characters interacting, which lends itself easily to turn to romance. 


I was thinking about this because I tend to focus my plotting on the events happening to one particular character, especially when writing HP fanfictions, and I realized recently how easy it is to write myself in a corner / make it info-dump/description boring because I focus on what's happening to him and no dialogues/interaction with people.

And when I try to insert another relevant character, I stall because I keep trying to make the character "useful" by making it the romance second half and I can never decide which pairing to make it...

Lol, you get the idea of why I started so many wips last month. I should try to make the second chara a friend / best friend, instead of trying to decide who I prefer for pairing.

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Maybe unpopular opinion: I don't like when people slam the kudo button on AO3 to leave several kudos in their name. As a reader nor as a writer, I mean. It feels like cheating / I don't like not having a true idea of the kudos count.

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I was reading this article about what a fanfic writer learned from writing said fanfics, before their switch to original content and it's really amazing how many things I never noticed but agree with!

ConCrit in Comments Only: What Writing Fanfiction Taught Me as an Editor


1) Fanfiction taught me how to interrogate an author’s “canon.”

2) Fanfiction taught me how marginalized experiences are a valid part of a story’s world.

3) Fanfiction taught me the importance of cultural consultants as part of the editorial process.

4) Fanfiction showed me how character relationships are the golden ticket.

5) Know thy tropes—and fanfiction uses them well.

6) Understanding how my editorial taste had been influenced by fanfiction.

7) Writing fanfiction helped me develop a collaborative imagination.



Nov. 12th, 2018 12:46 am
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Also, I have finally managed to understand how to use Scrivener with many misc WIPs vs the original one-project-one-novel use, and it's actually going pretty good. 

I used to not want to use Scrivener mainly because it means being locked on my computer since Windows does not have a synced Android app, but I don't write out anymore anyway, so I might as well keep it all in one place.

I've been wanting a writing app with a sidebar on the left like Scrivener, to navigate between stories/files without having to load a new tab every single time, but I gave in and just used Scrivener. The 2.9 version is much better than the old 1.something, so there's that.

It bugs me a lot that I'll have to PAY AGAIN to upgrade from 1.0 to 3.0 because for fuck's sake, I already bought that software (at half-price with a Nanowrimo winner coupon over a decade ago, but still). Anyway, if I keep using it so much/as much as I've done these last months, I'll just give in and pay for the upgrade.

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I've been pretty much hibernating for the last month :( No motivation for anything, basically I binge-read and I binge-wrote, and that's it.

(and just as I start tunning in Tumblr again, the thing implodes (aka links "strikethrough") That website I good for five min mindless scrolling during work breaks and pretty much nothing else).

I should probably post a few things that I've written, even though I've been story-hopping all over the place. I started who knows how many WIPs, but I couldn't care less, I just wrote what I wanted when I wanted, with no future publication plans. It's kinda nice (if you're not the kind to stress out because so many WIPs). 

I used to hate starting WIPs here and there, but it's more like I hate giving expectations to people. So I write, but I barely post anymore, and in the end it's probably just as well. One of these days, I'll dust off my stuff and start mass posting lol. Maybe.

For random nonsense, you'll mostly find me at @twitter lately (@AteanaLenn)


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I've updated the spreadsheet with the battles I fought today. I'm going to try and be more consistent this time, because the probability sheet is great, but if I have a sample of one battle for a monster, and ten for another, those probabilities aren't exactly a great sample, right :D

So far so good! I'm going for two of each at least for now. Except of course the Wignows, since the first quest was to beat 4 of them, and the 1000+ words monsters. Those, we'll see. I usually fight more with 400/800 per sitting, so I don't know how consistent I'll be with trying to keep the higher number monsters leveled. [edit: well, I didn't know how many words to expect for this post, so I just kept hitting Xins, so now the Xins count has jumped through the roof, lol]

Which makes me think, I hadn't expected it, but it's actually a huge relief to have the monsters' word count lowered across the board!

I hadn't realized how stressing it was to have to fight 1800/2000+ monsters repeatedly for a lot of quests, when my "good number" is so much lower. I have to keep the large word counts for the weekend which means that the quests stall over the week and I don't like that lol.

The previous version of 3 Points Crossing took me so long to go through because of the monsters' word counts, I'm hoping that the new 3PC will be much less stressing, going by the numbers that I see now. It's actually a lot more fun to start over than I expected (though it's certainly easier, since I kept my inventory ;) )


Anyway, from the stats I've seen so far, a couple of observations:


- the drops are a lot more consistent, as far as I can tell! This is nice, it'll probably be less complicated to plan when I'll need some stuff in particular.

- I like fighting monsters with a high number of words per min, because that forces me keep my attention on my text. I type fast, so having only a few minutes for a few hundred words isn't difficult for me, but it also means that if that's the case, I'll have extra time to get distracted by stuff and still not lose my battles. I don't want to get distracted! lol Bottom line, that's one of the reasons why I started the spreadsheet, years ago. In this case (so far, since I've only revisited Luciola Forest and Mama Tree, and I've just reached the "Search Party" quest), the fastest paced monsters are Lorsa with 9 words/min, and Pester with 10 words/min.

- EXP! During one Untu Hunt, I don't remember for which Nanowrimo, there was a monster with a whooping 700 points exp per fight! I think it was Marasmius. I don't know if it was a mistake or a boon, but fighting that monster, in "exp per word", instead of the usual 0.10 xp per word, you got at the time 1.03 xp per word! I'll confess that I totally took advantage of this to get a nice exp boost. So far, no shining 1.0 xp per word yet, but! the dark green Kuay does give 0.24 xp per word instead of the usual 0.10 :D (he doesn't have a particularly interesting drop so far though, leaves, spider legs, and wood).

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I haven't written in at least two weeks :(

Well, it's a lie, I did write the last… three days I think? 4TheWords had a huge update at the beginning of October and re-opened on the 4th, and I decided that it was the perfect time to get back in the writing groove too.

Which is good timing, because I had a hibernation-mode month in September and did nothing but re-read old epic fics, but Esama started a new Assassin's Creed fic recently which I looove, and it pushed me back in the AC fandom again.

So, AC + writing, I thought that it was the perfect time to finish that Sensory Deprivation fic that I started during the summer. I have the chapter four basically finished, I just need to edit it because I had an idea at the last moment, as I was finishing the chapter, so I need to change some things around. Maybe. I still don't know where I'm going with this fic, so I should also do some brainstorming / maybe write a bullet point outline. Just, having a general idea beyond "ghostly Desmond and I want Malik and Altaïr around" would probably be helpful lol

So of course, guess what I did?

I started a new, self-indulgent, Bleeding Effect ficlet of the kind that has been done many times we'll say. I'm not if there's a original idea in that ficlet lol. It's pure "hey, Desmond is sad even when he's out of Abstergo, let's bring protective!Altaïr to him!"

(I just wrote hime instead of him and now I'm trying to imagine Altaïr-hime lololol And long-suffering advisor!Malik while we're at it xD Who'd be Kadar? The cute mascot? neeeeeevermind)


I should go back to writing, because this blog post is turning into nonsense. And I want to finish that ficlet and go back to Sensory Deprivation.

(my only problem is that I don't know where the ficlet is going, anymore than I know for SD, so I don't even know where to stop it #facepalm)


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This book cover is amazing and it makes me want to read the book. I checked out the summary afterwardand it looks interesting too!

But I'm also working my way through re-reading Keira Marco's Harry Potter fics which are often over 100k so it's going to take a while, as usual, and I have already so many books on my to-read list, plus all the Steter fanfics of recent events, and those written by friends, and the Detroit: Become Human fics from my recent love of this game.

And I have way too many writing ideas, recently.

I need way more damn hours in a day to do everything.



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