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ateanalenn: A picture of the moon reflection in the water of a bowl (!moon reflection water)

Ateana Lenn 🍵💜

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Created on 2018-08-04 08:46:21 (#3414610), last updated 2019-04-19 (2 days ago)

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Name:Ateana Lenn
Birthdate:Jan 16

Contact Details:

I’m Ateana, previously also Anyssia and then OceanAndSpace.

I’ve been in fandom for… a few decades, long enough to remember Yahoo Groups, Delicious, Geocities, and LJ and Six Apart/the Russians, among other things.

When Fandom moved on from LJ, I made several attempts at using Tumblr, but the lack of community, terrible comment system, and more especially the fact that once you’d posted, you lost all control of the reblogs and initially the posts could even be edited by other rebloggers, made me more than a little wary. I finally managed in 2016/2017 to use Tumblr but within a few month I grew to almost hate it, so… *shrugs*
I was initially very excited by Pillowfort, but since they’ve already started to censor using moral preferences rather than the law, they obviously can’t be trusted anymore to host fandom without expecting mass-deletions sooner or later.

Therefore, brand new Dreamwidth \o/ I wanted a new presence and blank slate lol. 🖋
You can find me as Ateana Lenn at Twitter, 4TheWords, and AO3, Tumblr still existing but I haven’t even logged in that website in weeks. I have a account under Anyssia which I use to log in all the fics I read, so you can also use it as rec-list.

I’m an avid reader of fanfics (per Calibre’s stats, last November (2018), I read/reread 4.5 million words lol 📚📚📚). I try to comment often. I write a lot, but rarely post whatever I write because I can’t be bothered to finish stuff/beta said stuff.
I tend to hop fandom regularly and eventually always come back to good old Harry Potter, where I always end up re-reading Keira Marcos and Athey/Athy’s fanfics.
Other fandoms that I come back to regularly include: Teen Wolf, Hannibal, Yuri on Ice, Assassin’s Creed, and MCU/Tony Stark.

I post both in private and public, so if I know you, you can request to be added to my access list :D Don’t hesitate to interact / comment! I might not answer immediately (I tend to binge-read-hibernate from time to time), but I’ll connect sooner or later ;) 💜

See you! 2018-12-24

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